Morning Worship, October 25, 2020

Text: Galatians 1:1-5 Title: Major Themes Sermon Outline I.   The Lord’s Apostle A.  Not human B.  But divine II.  The Lord’s Messiah A.  The will of the Father B.  The work of the Son III. The Lord’s Redemption A.  Deliverance B. …

Evening Worship, October 25, 2020

Text: Genesis 15:1-6 Title: What is Grace? Sermon Outline I.   Great Reward A.  Abram’s vision B.  Abram’s blessing II.  Great Question A.  What will you give me? B.  Who is my heir? III. Great Faith A.  God’s promise B.  Abram’s Faith

Morning Worship, October 18, 2020

Text: Exodus 4:18-23 Title: Leaving Midian Sermon Outline I.   Who is alive? (18-19) A.  Moses’ question B.  God’s answer II.  What will happen? (20-21) A.  Moses’ preparation B.  God’s promise III. Who will survive? (22-23) A.  God’s son B.  Pharaoh’s…

Morning Worship, October 11, 2020

Text: Exodus 4:13-17 Title: The Last Straw Sermon Outline I.   The Lord’s Anger (13-14a) A.  Moses’ response B.  The Lord’s response II.  The Lord’s Accommodation (14b-15) A.  Aaron’s introduction B.  Aaron’s job III. The Lord’s Appearance (16-17) A.  Word B. …

Evening Worship, October 11, 2020

Text: Jude 14-16 Title: The Last Judgment Sermon Outline I.   Prophecy (14) A.  Protology B.  Eschatology II.  Personality (15) A.  All B.  Ungodly III. Performance (16) A.  Fault-finding B.  Flattering