Evening Worship, January 12, 2020

Text: I John 2:28-3:1 Title: Abiding Children Sermon Outline I.   Avoid Embarrassment (28) A.  Present life B.  Future meeting II.  Righteous Advancement (29) A.  His character B.  Our character III. Personal Astonishment (1) A.  Amazing love B.  Amazing position

Morning Worship, January 5, 2020

Text: I Peter 5:1-4 Title: Leading from the Front Sermon Outline I.   The Elder’s Job (1-2a) A.  Peter’s position B.  Peter’s plea II.  The Elder’s Temptations (2b-3) A.  Constraint B.  Greed B.  Dominance III. The Elder’s Reward (4) A.…