Dimensions continues the chain of impressive, revolutionary, yet functional RocketTheme templates. It combines incredible styling with refined and powerful code to help your website achieve its maximum potential.

  • 20 Preset Style Options
    Dimensions includes 20 beautifully rich preset style options for you to use on our site. You can also take advantage of Dimensions easy style customization abilities and create an unlimited number of possibilities for the look of your site by changing the background images and accent colors.
  • Amazingly Easy Style Customization
    Dimensions has been designed from the ground up to make customizing your template’s colour scheme as easy as can be. All of the “accent colour” image elements of the template are controlled by the CSS, allowing you to change the accent colour scheme of your site by simply changing a few colour codes in the CSS. No need to fire up the image editor for this one! Backgrounds are also easier than ever before. Drop in any background image you want, and Dimensions provides smooth gradients above and below the image for a smoother effect.
  • Integrated RokSlide Tabbed Modules
    You will observe that the modular positions, User7 through User 11 are contained within what appears to be RokSlide. In Dimensions, the RokSlide effect/functionality has been integrated directly into the template, providing a sleek stylish approach for extra modules, allowing you to created tabbed modules and tabbed module groups.
  • Dynamically Changing Styles
    With Dimensions, treat your visitors to a unique experience when they visit your site with dynamically changing background images and colour schemes based on the time of day. You can see this effect in action with the Style1 and Style2 presets included in Dimensions.
  • Stylish Typography
    Dimensions includes professionally styled typography to bring that extra element to your content. Choose from several typography options including various list styles which not only can have their colours easily changed from the CSS, but also will work anywhere in your template body including modules using a -hilite suffix.
  • Custom Modules
    Specialised styling for RokLogin and Search has been placed in Dimensions for to allow for the smoothest integration into the Dimensions template.
  • 15 Module Positions
    With a Module Position count of 15, as well as support for many more using the new tabbed module functionality, you will be able create a wide variety of layout options and methods for presenting your site’s content.
  • Menu Extravaganza
    The new RokMooMenu is now accompanied by its predecessor, Suckerfish in a toggle option so you can easier interchange for maximum compatibility. The popular and versatile SplitMenu is also availble and can be seen in action on this demo by default.