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Sunday Morning Sermons

February 1, 2015

Text: Genesis 37:1-11

Title: It's about Dad


Sermon Outline

I.   Many Colors

A.  Partiality

B.  Hostility

II.  Many Sheaves

A.  Anger already

B.  Anger aggravated

III. Many Stars

A.  Joseph's dream

B.  Jacob's reply

Text: Genesis 36

Title: Esau is Edom


Sermon Outline

I.   Separation

A.  Esau's descent

B.  Esau's departure

II.  Occupation

A.  Chief's of Edom

B.  Chief's of Seir

III. Administration

A.  Kings

B.  Chiefs

\Text: Genesis 35:16-29

Title: Death


Sermon Outline

I.   Death of a Father

A.  The new base

B.  The new chief

II.  Death of a Wife

A.  New life

B.  New grave

III. Death of a Dream

A.  Disqualified

B.  Disquieted

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