Special Occasions

Morning Worship, November 2, 2014

Text: Galatians 6:7-9

Title: The Normal Christian Life


Sermon Outline

I.   Do not be Deceived

A.  Man’s perspective

B.  God’s perspective

II.  Do not Sow Poorly

A.  To the flesh

B.  To the Spirit

III. Do no Grow Weary

A.  Man’s hardship

B.  God’s hope

Morning Worship, June 22, 2014

Text: I Corinthians 9:19-23

Title: Satisfied


Sermon Outline

I.   A Free Ministry

A.  Paul’s freedom

B.  Paul’s bondage

II.  A Flexible Ministry

A.  The extent of flexibility

B.  The boundaries of flexibility

III. A Fellowshipping Ministry

A.  The true foundation

B.  The true fellowship

Morning Worship, June 15, 2014

Text: I Thessalonians 1:1-3

Title: Thankfulness


Sermon Outline

I.   The Context of Thanksgiving

A.  A troubled church

B.  A blessed church

II.  The Character of Thanksgiving

A.  Permanent

B.  Prayerful

III. The Content of Thanksgiving

A.  Working

B.  Waiting

Morning Worship, April 20, 2014

Text: Deuteronomy 16:1-17

Title: Why Celebrate Easter?


Sermon Outline

I.   What We Were

A.  Slavery

B.  Death

II.  What We Are

A.  Freedom

B.  Life

III. What We Will Be

A.  The death of sin

B.  The death of death

Morning Worship, December 22, 2013

Text: John 1:14

Title: Jesus’ Humanity


Sermon Outline

I.   True Man

A.  Nestorianism

B.  Docetism

II.  Whole Man

A.  One thing

B.  One soul

III. Forever Man

A.  Humanity

B.  Human nature

Morning Worship, December 15, 2013

Text: John 1:1

Title: Jesus’ Divinity


Sermon Outline

I.   God of God

A.  Arius

B.  Athanasius

II.  Son of God

A.  Being

B.  Begotten

III. Mother of God

A.  Who is Mary?

B.  Who is the Messiah?

Evening Worship, December 16, 2012

Text: Isaiah 9:2-7
Title: Darkness and Light
Sermon Outline
I.   Celebration of Light
A.  Light
B.  Joy
II.  Causes Bringing Light
A.  Slaves freed
B.  Soldiers sent home
III. Christ who is Light
A.  His names
B.  His nation

Morning Worship, December 30, 2012

Text: Psalm 40
Title: A New Song
Sermon Outline
I.   An Alien Foe
A.  The advancing multitude
B.  The ashamed menace
II.  An Alien Righteousness
A.  The law required
B.  The law requited
III. An Alien Patience
A.  A new deliverance
B.  A new dispensation

Morning Worship, December 23, 2012

Text: Micah 5:1-6
Title: The Shepherd Warrior
Sermon Outline
I.   God’s Ruler
A.  Judah’s threat
B.  Judah’s frailty
II.  God’s Shepherd
A.  Israel’s return
B.  Israel’s rest
III. God’s Warrior
A.  Under-shepherds
B.  Under feet

Evening Worship, September 23, 2012

Text: Romans 10:5-13
Title: Salvation
Sermon Outline
I.   True Savior
A.  Eisegesis
B.  Exegesis
II.  Confessed Savior
A.  The promise
B.  The process
III. Global Savior
A.  Jew and Greek
B.  Eschatology and soteriology
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