Evening Worship, December 2, 2012

Text: Romans 11:25-32
Title: The Conclusion Regarding Israel
Sermon Outline
I.   The Mystery of Israel All
A.  God’s plan
B.  God’s promise
II.  The Gospel for Israel All
A.  Enemies and election
B.  Gifts and grace
III. The Mercy to Israel All
A.  Flow-through grace
B.  Formidable grace

Evening Worship, November 25, 2012

Text: Romans 11:16-24
Title: Olive Trees
Sermon Outline
I.   Broken Branches
A.  The necessary root
B.  The wild branch
II.  Fearful Branches
A.  Determined by faith
B.  Determined to fear
III. Recovered Branches
A.  God’s grace
B.  God’s graft

Evening Worship, November 4, 2012

Text: Romans 11:11-15
Title: A Glimmer of Hope
Sermon Outline
I.   Jewish Fall
A.  The salvation of the Gentiles
B.  The fullness of the Jews
II.  Jewish Emulation
A.  Paul’s office
B.  Paul’s example
III. Jewish Resurrection
A.  Reconciling the world
B.  Receiving the resurrected

Evening Worship, October 28, 2012

Text: Romans 11:7-10
Title: Preterition
Sermon Outline
I.   Horrible Hiddenness
A.  The elect
B.  The blind
II.  Historic Hardening
A.  Sleepy spirit
B.  Senseless senses
III. Hideous Hunchbacks
A.  Blessings blasted
B.  Backs bowed

Evening Worship, October 14, 2012

Text: Romans 11:1-6
Title: Introduction of the Remnant
Sermon Outline
I.   The Annoying Examination
A.  Populous question
B.  Personal question
II.  The Ancient Example
A.  Elijah’s complaint
B.  Elijah’s companion
III. The Awesome Election
A.  Electing grace
B.  Necessary grace

Evening Worship, October 7, 2012

Text: Romans 10:14-21
Title: Missions
Sermon Outline
I.   Israel’s Feet
A.  Mission report
B.  Missing report
II.  Israel’s Failure
A.  Failure of ears
B.  Failure of heart
III. Israel’s Fate
A.  God to Gentiles
B.  God to Jews

Evening Worship, September 23, 2012

Text: Romans 10:5-13
Title: Salvation
Sermon Outline
I.   True Savior
A.  Eisegesis
B.  Exegesis
II.  Confessed Savior
A.  The promise
B.  The process
III. Global Savior
A.  Jew and Greek
B.  Eschatology and soteriology

Evening Worship, September 16, 2012

Text: Romans 10:1-4
Title: Heart’s Cry
Sermon Outline
I.   Our Burden
A.  Paul’s desire
B.  People’s desire
II.  Other’s Bumble
A.  What are they doing
B.  What should they do
III. One Break
A.  End of the law
B.  Everyone who believes

Morning Worship, December 16, 2012

Text: Luke 22:39-46
Title: Human Prayer
Sermon Outline
I.   Prayer’s Demand
A.  Where they prayed
B.  Why they prayed
II.  Prayer’s Depth
A.  Human need
B.  Human help
III. Prayer’s Distraction
A.  The disciples sleep
B.  The disciples’ slip

Morning Worship, December 9, 2012

Text: Luke 22:31-38
Title: 12-21-12
Sermon Outline
I.   Get Prepared Spiritually
A.  Simon or Peter
B.  Satan or prison
C.  Sifting or praying
II.  Get Prepared Physically
A.  Lack nothing
B.  Need something
C.  Seize anything
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