Morning Worship, February 2, 2014

Text: Genesis 13

Title: Restoration

Sermon Outline

I.   Back to Bethel

A.  Leaving the world

B.  Leaving to worship

II.  Bickering about Bethel

A.  Lot’s greatness

B.  Lot’s decision

III. Building on Bethel

A.  Look around

B.  Walk around

Evening Worship, January 26, 2014

Text: Hebrews 1:4-14

Title: Better than Angels


Sermon Outlines

I.   Christ’s Inheritance

A.  Christ begotten

B.  Christ worshipped

II.  Christ Enthroned

A.  Christ’s servants

B.  Christ’s command

III. Christ’s Eminence

A.  Creator

B.  Creatures

Morning Worship, January 26, 2014

Text: Genesis 12:10-20

Title: Deceitful Egypt

Sermon Outline

I.   Abram Plans

A.  Famine

B.  Falsehood

II.  Abram Prospers

A.  Bride sought

B.  Bride price

III. Abram Expelled

A.  Pharaoh’s complaint

B.  Pharaoh’s conduct

Morning Worship, January 19, 2014

Text: Genesis 12:1-9

Title: The Call of Abram

Sermon Outline

I.   Chosen by God

A.  You go

B.  I will

II.  Sent by God

A.  Strange people

B.  Strange land

III. Settled by God

A.  Stop

B.  Sacrifice

Evening Worship, January 19, 2014

Text: Hebrews 1:1-4

Title: Another Introduction


Sermon Outline

I.   Primitive Revelation

A.  In these ways

B.  To these people

II.  Personal Revelation

A.  Last day

B.  Last way

III. Powerful Revelation

A.  Better prophet

B.  Better priest

C.  Better king

Evening Worship, January 12, 2014

Text: Hebrews 1

Title: An Introduction to Hebrews


Sermon Outline

I.   A Better Revelation

A.  Better than angels

B.  Better than Moses

II.  A Better Salvation

A.  A better mediator

B.  A better covenant

C.  A better sacrifice

III.  A Better Destination

A.  A better country

B.  A better mountain

Morning Worship, January 12, 2014

Text: Genesis 11:10-32

Title: Seth to Abram

Sermon Outline

I.   Shorter Lives

A.  Second list

B.  Shrinking time

II.  Sudden Death

A.  A son dies

B.  A seed denied

III. Special Trip

A.  Terah leaves

B.  Terah dies

Morning Worship, January 5, 2014

Text: Genesis 10:21-11:9

Title: A World Divided

Sermon Outline

I.   Division Advanced

A.  Eber

B.  Peleg

II.  Division Avoided

A.  Building plan

B.  Building purpose

III. Division Accomplished

A.  God’s motive

B.  God’s means

Morning Worship, December 29, 2013

Text: Genesis 10:1-20

Title: The Beginning of Babel

Sermon Outline

I.   Japheth’s Descent

A.  Distant people

B.  Deliberate place

II.  Judge’s Command

A.  A mighty king

B.  A mighty kingdom

III. Jewish Nemeses

A.  Egypt

B.  Canaan

Morning Worship, December 22, 2013

Text: John 1:14

Title: Jesus’ Humanity


Sermon Outline

I.   True Man

A.  Nestorianism

B.  Docetism

II.  Whole Man

A.  One thing

B.  One soul

III. Forever Man

A.  Humanity

B.  Human nature

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