Evening Worship, May 6, 2012

Text: Romans 8:5-11
Title: A Life Change
Sermon Outline
I.   Pleasing Mind
A.  The predicament of the human mind
B.  The problem of the fleshly mind
II.  Pleasing God
A.  A cataclysmic conclusion
B.  A celebratory change
III. Pleasing Spirit
A.  Life in Christ
B.  Life in the Spirit

Evening Worship, April 22, 2012

Text: Romans 8:1-4
Title: The Freedom of the New Life
Sermon Outline
I.   No Condemnation
A.  New position
B.  New Spirit
II.  No Power
A.  Weak law
B.  Strong law
III. No Carnality
A.  Fulfilled law
B.  Fulfilled life

Evening Worship, April 15, 2012

Text: Romans 7:13-25
Title: A Divided Question
Sermon Outline
I.   Sin Exceedingly Sinful
A.  His commandment
B.  My carnality
II.  Flesh Exceedingly Fallen
A.  Will one
B.  Will two
III. War Exceedingly Wounding
A.  Another law
B.  Another lament

Evening Worship, April 8, 2012

Text: Romans 7:7-12
Title: Who is “I”?
Sermon Outline
I.   The Law Commanded
A.  Education
B.  Evisceration
II.  The Law Corrupted
A.  Undesirable consequences
B.  Unintended consequences
III. The Law Commended
A.  Opportunity
B.  Objectivity

Evening Worship, April 1, 2012

Text: Romans 7:1-6
Title: An Imperfect Analogy
Sermon Outline
I.   Married to the Law
A.  The dominion of the law
B.  The duration of the law
II.  Married by the Law
A.  Authority
B.  Adultery
III. Married to Another
A.  Death
B.  Life

Evening Worship, March 25, 2012

Text: Romans 6:15-23
Title: Antinomianism Redux
Sermon Outline
I.   What is your Form?
A.  To whom you yield
B.  To whom you obey
II.  Who is your Master?
A.  Servants of sin
B.  Servants of righteousness
III. What is your Fruit?
A.  Fruit of sin
B.  Fruit of righteousness

Evening Worship, March 18, 2012

Text: Romans 6:8-14
Title: Pauline Ethics
Sermon Outline
I.   Indicative
A.  To die
B.  To live
II.  Imperative
A.  Reckon
B.  Reign
III. Instructive
A.  Do not yield
B.  Do yield

Evening Worship, March 11, 2012

Text: Romans 6:1-7
Title: The Benefits of Death
Sermon Outline
I.   Dead to Sin
A.  A sensible question
B.  A senseless assumption
II.  Dead in Christ
A.  Union of baptism
B.  Method of baptism
III. Dead to Slavery
A.  Likeness
B.  Lifeless

Evening Worship, March 4, 2012

Text: Romans 5:18-21
Title: The Reign of Righteousness
Sermon Outline
I.   The Great Exchange
A.  Two legal acts
B.  Two relational acts
II.  The Great Omission
A.  The law’s entrance
B.  The law’s effect
III. The Great Compassion
A.  Superabounding grace
B.  Sovereign grace

Evening Worship, February 26, 2012

Text: Romans 5:15-17
Title: Much More
Sermon Outline
I.   More Grace
A.  Guilt
B.  Gift
II.  More Freedom
A.  Judged
B.  Justified
III. More Life
A.  Death
B.  Deliverance
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