Evening Worship, August 19, 2012

Text: Romans 9:25-29
Title: God’s Remnant
Sermon Outline
I.   The Remnant Defined
A.  The reversal of the name
B.  The reconstitution of the people
II.  The Remnant Saved
A.  Out of man come one remnant
B.  The work of the Lord
III. The Remnant’s Lord
A.  God’s preserving of the remnant
B.  God’s prevention of oblivion

Evening Worship, August 12, 2012

Text: Romans 9:19-24
Title: The Devil Made Me Do It?
Sermon Outline
I.   God’s Justice
A.  Fault
B.  Fate
II.  God’s Sovereignty
A.  Clay’s perspective
B.  Potter’s perspective
III. God’s Plan
A.  Vessels of wrath
B.  Vessels of mercy

Evening Worship, July 29, 2012

Text: Romans 9:14-18
Title: The Hardness of Hardening
Sermon Outline
I.   Is God Unjust?
A.  The context
B.  The question
II.  What is Mercy?
A.  Moses’ answer
B.  Paul’s answer
III. What is Absolute?
A.  God’s glory
B.  God’s grace

Evening Worship, July 22, 2012

Text: Romans 9:6-13
Title: Israel and Election
Sermon Outline
I.   Israel and Israel
A.  God’s covenants
B.  God’s children
II.  Isaac and Ishmael
A.  Progeny
B.  Promise
III. Esau and Jacob
A.  Election
B.  Emotion

Evening Worship, July 15, 2012

Text: Romans 9:1-5
Title: Israel
Sermon Outline
I.   Paul’s Problem
A.  Transition
B.  Tribulation
II.  Paul’s People
A.  Their position
B.  Their privilege
III. Paul’s Power
A.  The Son
B.  The Father

Evening Worship, July 8, 2012

Text: Romans 8:35-39
Title:  The Conclusion (Part 2)
Sermon Outline
I.   Objective Truth
A.  Present reality
B.  Historic reality
C.  Triumphant reality
II.  Subjective Truth
A.  Abstract walls
B.  Concrete walls
C.  Fallen walls

Evening Worship, June 24, 2012

Text: Romans 8:31-34
Title: The Conclusion (Part One)
Sermon Outline
I.   Martial Encouragement
A.  Summary
B.  Summation
II.  Charitable Encouragement
A.  Historic circumstance
B.  Future confidence
III. Judicial Encouragement
A.  Forensic certainty
B.  Final certainty

Evening Worship, June 17, 2012

Text: Romans 8:28-30
Title: The Golden Chain
Sermon Outline
I.   Teleology
A.  Plan
B.  Purpose
II.  Soteriology
A.  Election
B.  Effection
III. Eschatology
A.  Formed
B.  Born

Evening Worship, June 3, 2012

Text: Romans 8:26-27
Title: Intercessory Prayer
Sermon Outline
I.   Infirmity
A.  Inability
B.  Ignorance
II.  Intelligence
A.  Knowing our heart
B.  Knowing God’s will
III. Intercession
A.  Groans
B.  Graces

Evening Worship, May 27, 2012

Text: Romans 8:18-25
Title: Cosmological Redemption
Sermon Outline
I.   Not-yet Head
A.  Against materialism
B.  Against gnosticism
II.  Not-yet Heart
A.  Cosmological frustration
B.  Cosmological fuming
III. Not-yet Hope
A.  First-fruits
B.  Full fruits
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