Evening Worship, June 2, 2013

Text: Romans 16:25-27

Title: The Best Mystery


Sermon Outline

I.   God’s Stability

A.  By the power…

B.  … of the gospel

II.  God’s Mystery

A.  Was secret

B.  Now revealed

III. God’s Glory

A.  God’s plan

B.  Man’s obedience

Evening Worship, May 26, 2013

Text: Romans 16:21-24

Title: Short Sermon


Sermon Outline

I.   Grace in Serving

A.  Fellow servants

B.  Friendly scribe

II.  Grace in Giving

A.  The church’s benefactor

B.  The city’s butler

III. Grace in Loving

A.  Loved by us

B.  Loved by Him

Evening Worship, May 19, 2013

Text: Romans 16:17-20

Title: Keeping the Peace


Sermon Outline

I.   Man’s Resistance

A.  Watch for division

B.  What is dividing

II.  Idolatrous Reasons

A.  Another god

B.  A better good

III. God’s Restoration

A.  A time to bruise

B.  A time to bless

Evening Worship, May 12, 2013

Text: Romans 16:3-16

Title: Lessons from Greetings


Sermon Outline

I.   The Gospel for all People

A.  Women

B.  Workers

II.  The Gospel to all Places

A.  Mission workers

B.  Mission churches

III. The Gospel of all Power

A.  Indicative

B.  Imperative

Evening Worship, May 5, 2013

Text: Romans 16:1-2

Title: The Problem of Phoebe


Sermon Outline

I.   Who She Was

A.  My sister

B.  Their servant

II.  What She Needed

A.  Rome’s reception

B.  Rome’s acceptance

III. What She Did

A.  Helper to Paul

B.  Helper to others

Evening Worship, April 28, 2013

Text: Romans 15:30-33

Title: Prayer for Paul


Sermon Outline

I.   Fight with me

A.  Triune prayer

B.  Tough prayer

II.  Accepted with them

A.  Delivered from unbelievers

B.  Delivered to believers

III. Peace with you

A.  Refreshed together

B.  Blessed together

Evening Worship, April 21, 2013

Text: Romans 15:22-29

Title: On the way to Spain


Sermon Outline

I.   Going to Spain

A.  Hindrance removed

B.  Help sought

II.  Mission to Jerusalem

A.  Voluntary offering

B.  Obligation vindicated

III. Stopping by Rome

A.  Sealing fruit

B.  Seeking fruit

Evening Worship, April 14, 2013

Text: Romans 15:14-21

Title: What took you so long?


Sermon Outline

I.   Message Methodology

A.  Confidence

B.  Concern

II.  Mighty Methodology

A.  His power’s source

B.  His power’s scope

III. Mission Methodology

A.  Another’s foundation

B.  His foundation

Evening Worship, March 24, 2013

Text: Romans 15:7-13

Title: Blended Worship


Sermon Outline

I.   One Reception

A.  Imperative

B.  Indicative

II.  One Minister

A.  Jews

B.  Gentiles

III. One Joy

A.  One people

B.  One hope

Evening Worship, March 17, 2013

Text: Romans 15:1-6

Title: Others First, Like Jesus


Sermon Outline

I.   Bear With One Another

A.  Bear with weaknesses

B.  Lift your neighbor

II.  Books For One Another

A.  What Christ did

B.  What the Word said

III. Bless One Another

A.  God’s grace

B.  God’s purpose

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