Evening Worship, August 15, 2010

Text: Revelation 8:6-13
Title: The Beginning of Woes
Sermon Outline
I.   Smitten Weather
     A.  Seventh plague
     B.  Scorched earth
II.  Smitten Water
     A.  Foul seas
     B.  Foul streams
III. Smitten Wonder
     A.  Darkness
     B.  Despair 

Evening Worship, August 8, 2010

Text: Revelation 8:1-5
Title: The Seventh Seal
Sermon Outline
I.   The Silent Half-hour
     A.  The horror of silence
     B.  The half-hour of silence
II.  The Seven Trumpets
     A.  Seven angels
     B.  Seven trumpets
III. The Smokey Censer
     A.  Before God
     B.  Upon earth 

Evening Worship, August 1, 2010

Text: Revelation 7
Title:  Who Can Stand?
Sermon Outline
I.   Sealed
     A.  Rewind
     B.  Remind
II.  Saved
     A.  Joyful attire
     B.  Joyful acclaim
III. Satisfied
     A.  Earthly benefits
     B.  Heavenly benefits 

Evening Worship, July 25, 2010

Text: Revelation 6:9-17
Title: Our Blessed Hope
Sermon Outline
I.   The Character of God’s People
     A.  The people’s cry
     B.  Their Master’s care
II.  The Character of God’s Wrath
     A.  Latter ends
     B.  Former visions
III. The Character of God’s Enemies
     A.  Unlimited
     B.  Unrepentant 

Evening Worship, July 18, 2010

Text: Revelation 6:1-8
Title: Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Sermon Outline
I.   White Horse
     A.  Coronation
     B.  Conquest
II.  Red Horse
     A.  Fighting
     B.  Fencing
III. Black Horse
     A.  Economics
     B.  Economies
IV. Pale Horse
     A.  Death
     B.  Disgrace 

Evening Worship, June 20, 2010

Text: Revelation 4
Title: Awe in an Age of Special Effects
Sermon Outline
I.   Better than Minas Tirith
     A.  The throne room
     B.  The throne ruler
II.  Better than Ent-kind
     A.  The description of the twenty-four elders
     B.  The description of the four beasts
III. Better than Elf-song
     A.  The praise of the four beasts
     B.  The praise of the twenty-four elders 

Evening Worship, June 13, 2010

Text: Revelation 3:22
Title: Listen Again 
Sermon Outline 
I.   Hatred
     A.  Tribulation
     B.  Triumph
II.  Heedlessness
     A.  No love
     B.  No name
III. Hedonism
     A.  Sensuality
     B.  Secularism 

Evening Worship, June 6, 2010

Text: Revelation 3:14-22
Title: A Lukewarm End
Sermon Outline
I.   The End of the Fall
     A.  A scrupulous mouth
     B.  A spewing mouth
II.  The End of the Financials
     A.  Sensible repentance
     B.  Spiritual repentance
III. The End of the Famous
     A.  Communion
     B.  Coronation 

Evening Worship, May 30, 2010

Text: Revelation 3:7-13
Title: Open Door
Sermon Outline
I.   Open Door
     A.  Key holder
     B.  Word keeper
II.  Shut Out
     A.  Perseverance
     B.  Patience
III. Held Fast
     A.  Crown
     B.  Pillar 

Evening Worship, May 9, 2010

Text: Revelation 3:1-6
Title: Names
Sermon Outline
I.   Public Name
     A.  Living
     B.  Dead
II.  Pure Name
     A.  Watch
     B.  Repent
III. Permanent Name
     A.  New clothes
     B.  New name 
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