Evening Worship, March 6, 2011

Text: Revelation 18:20-24
Title: The Millstone Falls
Sermon Outline
I.   The Pleasurable Sound of the Millstone
     A.  Merchant music
     B.  Marriage music
II.  The Plunging Sound of the Millstone
     A.  Sinking sounds
     B.  Sorcery sounds
III. The Persecuted Sound of the Millstone
     A.  Slain saints
     B.  Satisfied saints 

Evening Worship, February 27, 2011

Text: Revelation 18:9-19
Title: Trickle-down Depression
Sermon Outline
I.   The Lament of Sovereigns
     A.  Paradox
     B.  Panic
II.  The Lament of Sellers
     A.  Produce of the merchants
     B.  Plummet of its value
III. The Lament of Sailors
     A.  What will we sail?
     B.  Where will we sail? 

Evening Worship, February 20, 2011

Text: Revelation 18:1-8
Title: Babylon is Fallen
Sermon Outline
I.   The Evil of Babylon
     A.  Reprehensible residents
     B.  Reprehensible deeds
II.  The Flight from Babylon
     A.  A new Exodus
     B.  Exodus’ news
III. The Reward of Babylon
     A.  Double double
     B.  Toil and trouble 

Evening Worship, February 13, 2011

Text: Revelation 17:7-18
Title: Why Marvel?
Sermon Outline
I.   Who is the Beast?
     A.  Kings or kingdoms
     B.  Powers or puppets
II.  Who is the Harlot?
     A.  Held up
     B.  Hauled down
III. Who is the Lamb?
     A.  King of kings
     B.  Lord of lords 

Evening Worship, January 30, 2011

Text: Revelation 17:1-6
Title: Seeing Babylon
Sermon Outline
I.   Be Faithful
     A.  The kingdoms
     B.  The kings
II.  Be Sober
     A.  Blank wine
     B.  Blood wine  
III. Be Pure
     A.  Impure relations
     B.  In pure raiment

Evening Worship, January 16, 2011

Text: Revelation 16:8-21
Title: The Final Countdown
Sermon Outline
I.   Blasphemers
     A.  Light
     B.  Dark
II.  Battlefield
     A.  Gathering armies
     B.  Garments needed
III. Babylon
     A.  City divided
     B.  Cup poured out 

Evening Worship, January 9, 2011

Text: Revelation 16:1-7
Title: Crime and Punishment 


Sermon Outline
I.   Noisome Pestilence
     A.  Wrath poured out
     B.  Wrath broken out
II.  Noxious Punch
     A.  Bloody seas
     B.  Bloody streams
III. Necessary Punishment
     A.  The angelic acclamation
     B.  The altar acclamation

Evening Worship, January 2, 2011

Text: Revelation 15:5-8
Title: The Temple is Closed
Sermon Outline
I.   Seeing the Temple
     A.  Tabernacle
     B.  Testimony
II.  Leaving the Temple
     A.  Seven plagues
     B.  Seven bowls
III. Filling the Temple
     A.  Smoke filled
     B.  Smoke fulfilled 

Evening Worship, December 12, 2010

Text: Revelation 15:1-4
Title: Pirate Song
Sermon Outline
I.   The Overcoming Choir
     A.  A new sign
     B.  An old sea
II.  The Overthrowing Savior
     A.  Song of Moses
     B.  Great and marvelous
III. The Overwhelming Lord
     A.  The fear of the Lord
     B.  The reign of the Lord 

Evening Worship, December 5, 2010

Text: Revelation 14:14-20
Title: Twin Harvests
Sermon Outline
I.   The Cloudy Harvest
     A.  Who is on the cloud?
     B.  Who is being harvested?
II.  The Grisly Harvest
     A.  The vine of the earth
     B.  The wine of the earth 
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