Morning Worship, July 31, 2011

Text: Luke 8:4-18
Title: Understanding Parables

Sermon Outline

I.   The Purpose of Parables

A.  The story

B.  The secret

II.  The Point of Parables

A.  The methods of unfruitfulness

B.  The means of fruitfulness

III.  The Practice of Parables

A.  Lighting

B.  Hearing

Morning Worship, July 24, 2011

Text: Luke 7:36-50
Title: Forgiving Sinners

Sermon Outline
I.   The Incident

A.  Affectional activity

B.  Accurate appraisal

II.  The Examples

A.  Figurative example

B.  Factual example

III. The Aftermath

A.  Jesus’ declaration

B.  Internal defiance

Morning Worship, July 17, 2011

Text: Luke 7:18-35
Title: The Parable of the Brats
Sermon Outline
I.   Who is Jesus?
A.  John’s question
B.  Jesus’ answer
II.  Who is John?
A.  Expected
B.  Unexpected
III. Who are You?
A.  The parable of the brats
B.  The people who are brats

Morning Worship, July 10, 2011

Text: Luke 7:11-17
Title: Nain

Sermon Outline

I.   Is this the Future?
A.  Dead man
B.  Dead mother
II.  Is this the End?
A.  A moved sage
B.  A miracle saying
III. Is this the Messiah?
A.  Worship statement
B.  Wide rumor

Morning Worship, July 3, 2011

Text: Luke 7:1-10
Title: Gentile Faith

Sermon Outline
I.   A Worthy Outsider
A.  A desperate situation
B.  A discriminatory summation
II.  An Unworthy Outsider
A.  Contradictory deterrence
B.  Command authority
III. Unworthy Insiders
A.  Marvelous
B.  Healing

Morning Worship, June 26, 2011

Text: Luke 6:39-49
Title: Self-Examination

Sermon Outline
I.   A Better Vision
A.  Vision impaired
B.  Vision obstructed
II.  A Better Fruit
A.  Agricultural treasure
B.  Audible treasure
III. A Better House
A.  Approved architecture
B.  Approved apostles

Morning Worship, June 12, 2011

Text: Luke 6:27-38
Title: Love Your Enemies
Sermon Outline
I.   Prohibited Reciprocity
A.  Attitude
B.  Actions
II.  Profitless Reciprocity
A.  The golden rule
B.  The grace revealed
III. Profitable Reciprocity
A.  Reward
B.  Reciprocity

Morning Worship, June 5, 2011

Text: Luke 6:20-26
Title: Blessings and Woes
Sermon Outline
I.   We are Dependent
     A.  Permanent need
     B.  Present need
II.  We are Despised
     A.  Persecuted
     B.  Rejoicing
III. We are Different
     A.  Self-satisfied
     B.  Socially accepted 

Morning Worship, May 29, 2011

Text: Luke 6:12-19
Title: The Introduction to the Sermon
Sermon Outline
I.   Restored People
     A.  Supplication
     B.  Selection 
II.  Restored Tribes
     A.  Galileans
     B.  Judeans
III. Restored Order
     A.  Virtue goes out
     B.  Word goes out 

Morning Worship, May 22, 2011

Text: Luke 6:1-11
Title: The Lord of the Sabbath
Sermon Outline
I.   The Ceremony of the Sabbath
     A.  The act of the disciples
     B.  The act of David
II.  The Care of the Sabbath
     A.  The Pharisees’ method
     B.  The Pharisees’ madness
III. The Center of the Sabbath
     A.  The Ruler of the Sabbath
     B.  The Root of the Sabbath 
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