Morning Worship, September 2, 2012

Text: Luke 19:11-27
Title: Waiting Works
Sermon Outline
I.   His Departure
A.  His servants
B.  His citizens
II.  His Kingdom
A.  Profitable servants
B.  Poor servants
III. His Judgment
A.  Poor servants
B.  Poor citizens

Morning Worship, August 26, 2012

Text: Luke 19:1-10
Title: Son of Abraham
Sermon Outline
I.   Curious about Jesus
A.  Zacchaeus’ depiction
B.  Zacchaeus’ desire
II.  Confronted by Jesus
A.  Jesus’ command
B.  Jews’ complaint
III. Converted through Jesus
A.  Zacchaeus repents
B.  Jesus remarks

Morning Worship, August 19, 2012

Text: Luke 18:35-43
Title: Son of David
Sermon Outline
I.   Son of Nazareth
A.  Traveling through Jericho
B.  Reputation in Jericho
II.  Son of Royalty
A.  A beggar’s title
B.  A beggar summoned
III. Son of Salvation
A.  Sight received
B.  Salvation given

Morning Worship, August 12, 2012

Text: Luke 18:31-34
Title: The Final Leg
Sermon Outline
I.   Jerusalem Foretold
A.  Destination
B.  Destiny
II.  Jerusalem Described
A.  Humiliation
B.  Exaltation
III. Jerusalem Understood
A.  Hiddenness
B.  Ignorance

Morning Worship, August 5, 2012

Text: Luke 18:18-30
Title: Poor Little Rich Man
Sermon Outline
I.   Rich Men
A.  God’s right
B.  God’s rules
II.  Weak Men
A.  Astonishing gate
B.  Amazing grace
III. Poor Men
A.  Poor appraisal
B.  Proper appraisal

Morning Worship, July 29, 2012

Text: Luke 18:15-17
Title: Like a Child
Sermon Outline
I.   The Rejection of Children
A.  Jesus’ blessing
B.  Human barriers
II.  The Acceptance of Children
A.  Access to Jesus
B.  Access to God
III. The Faith of Children
A.  Receiving faith
B.  Entering faith

Morning Worship, July 22, 2012

Text: Luke 18:9-14
Title: Pray like a Poor Publican
Sermon Outline
I.   The Pharisee’s Pride
A.  Posture
B.  Prayer
II.  The Publican’s Place
A.  Career
B.  Confession
III. The Penitent’s Prayer
A.  Prayer’s enemy
B.  Prayer’s exaltation

Morning Worship, July 15, 2012

Text: Luke 18:1-8
Title: Pray like a Pesky Plaintiff
Sermon Outline
I.   Human Faith
A. Judge
B. Widow
II.  Heavenly Faith
A.  Persistence
B.  Patience
III. Halting Faith
A.  Speedily
B.  Searching

Morning Worship, July 8, 2012

Text: Luke 17:22-37
Title: The Coming of Judgment
Sermon Outline
I.   The Day will Come
A.  Sightings
B.  Sufferings
II.  The Day will Appear
A.  Noah
B.  Lot
III. The Day will Judge
A.  Election
B.  Eagles

Morning Worship, July 1, 2012

Text: Luke 17:20-21
Title: The Kingdom of God
Sermon Outline
I.   Is it now?
A.  Eschatological expectation
B.  Eschatological assumption
II.  Is it seen?
A.  What it isn’t
B.  What it is
III. Is it here?
A.  Spatial
B.  Temporal
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