Morning Worship, February 17, 2013

Text: Luke 23:26-31

Title: Via Dolorosa

Sermon Outline

I.   The Suffering of Others

A.  One foreigner

B.  Many women

II.  The Suffering to Come

A.  A change in sorrow

B.  A change in circumstance

III. The Suffering of Judgment

A.  Disaster

B.  Dryness

Morning Worship, February 10, 2013

Text: Luke 23:13-25

Title: Judicial Calamity

Sermon Outline

I.   Unjust Chastisement

A.  Presenting the case

B.  Proposing the compromise

II.  Unjust Demands

A.  Proffered replacement

B.  Pilate’s rejoinder

III. Unjust Sentence

A.  Pilate’s judgment

B.  People’s judgment

Morning Worship, February 3, 2013

Text: Luke 23:6-12
Title: An Odd Reconciliation
Sermon Outline
I.   Avoiding the Question
A.  Galilee
B.  Getaway
II.  Demanding an Answer
A.  Herod’s history
B.  Herod’s hostility
III. Communing in Rejection
A.  Disgraceful treatment
B.  Dumbfounding testimony

Morning Worship, January 27, 2013

Text: Luke 23:1-5
Title: Innocent
Sermon Outline
I.   Indictment
A.  Insurrection
B.  Tax Evasion
C.  Treason
II.  Interrogation
A.  What is Pilate asking?
B.  What is Jesus saying?
III. Intimidation
A.  Jesus vindicated
B.  Jews vindictive

Morning Worship, January 20, 2013

Text: Luke 22:63-71
Title: Injustice
Sermon Outline
I.   Physical Injustice
A.  Beaten
B.  Blasphemed
II.  Logical Injustice
A.  No answer
B.  New answer
III. Judicial Injustice
A.  Indirect answer
B.  Indirect blaspheme

Morning Worship, January 13, 2013

Text: Luke 22:54-62
Title: Broken Idol
Sermon Outline
I.   My Own Commitment
A.  What is Peter doing?
B.  Why is Peter doing it?
II.  My Own Comfort
A.  The warm fire
B.  The warm fellowship
III. My Own Confession
A.  Peter wrecked
B.  Peter reconciled

Morning Worship, January 6, 2013

Text: Luke 22:47-53
Title: The Hour of Darkness
Sermon Outline
I.   A Dark Betrayal
A.  Judas approaches
B.  Judas uncovered
II.  A Dark Fight
A.  Sword and fight
B.  Stop and heal
III. A Dark End
A.  Thieves’ violence
B.  Thieves’ time

Morning Worship, December 16, 2012

Text: Luke 22:39-46
Title: Human Prayer
Sermon Outline
I.   Prayer’s Demand
A.  Where they prayed
B.  Why they prayed
II.  Prayer’s Depth
A.  Human need
B.  Human help
III. Prayer’s Distraction
A.  The disciples sleep
B.  The disciples’ slip

Morning Worship, December 9, 2012

Text: Luke 22:31-38
Title: 12-21-12
Sermon Outline
I.   Get Prepared Spiritually
A.  Simon or Peter
B.  Satan or prison
C.  Sifting or praying
II.  Get Prepared Physically
A.  Lack nothing
B.  Need something
C.  Seize anything

Morning Worship, December 2, 2012

Text: Luke 22:21-30
Title: Why me?
Sermon Outline
I.   Unknown Betrayer
A.  Human responsibility
B.  God’s sovereignty
II.  Unbecoming Bickering
A.  Foreign leadership
B.  Faithful leadership
III. Undeserved Blessing
A.  Standing by Jesus
B.  Seated with Jesus
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