Morning Worship, February 20, 2011

Text: Luke 2:21-40
Title: Pious People
Sermon Outline
I.   Pious Parents
     A.  Two trips
     B.  Two turtledoves
II.  Pious Prophet
     A.  The light side of the Messiah
     B.  The dark side of the Messiah
III. Pious Prophetess
     A.  Redemption
     B.  Return 

Morning Worship, December 26, 2010

Text: Luke 2:8-20
Title: Gloria
Sermon Outline
I.   The Promise
     A.  The people
     B.  The Savior
II.  The Sign
     A.  An unlikely dress
     B.  An unlikely bed
III. The Glory
     A.  In heaven
     B.  On earth 

Morning Worship, December 12, 2010

Text: Luke 1:46-56
Title: Magnificat
Sermon Outline
I.   God Exulted
     A.  Mighty works
     B.  Mercy expressed
II.  Mary Exalted
     A.  Scattering the proud
     B.  Summiting the law
III. Israel’s Eschatology
     A.  Filling the empty
     B.  Helping God’s people 

Morning Worship, December 5, 2010

Text: Luke 1:26-38
Title: Gabriel, Part 2
Sermon Outline
I.   The Promise of the Incarnation
     A.  A virgin
     B.  A visitation
     C.  A vicissitude
II.  The Person of the Incarnation
     A.  Savior
     B.  Son
     C.  Sovereign
III. The Power of the Incarnation
     A.  God’s pattern
     B.  God’s precedent
     C.  God’s power 

Morning Worship, November 28, 2010

Text: Luke 1:5-25
Title: Gabriel, Part I
Sermon Outline
I.   In the presence of the Holy
     A.  Holy people
     B.  Holy angel
II.  In the power of the Holy Spirit
     A.  Praying in the Holy Spirit
     B.  Living in the Holy Spirit
III. In the Peace of the Holy
     A.  Doubt and deference
     B.  Silence and seclusion 

Morning Worship, November 21, 2010

Text: Luke 1:1-4
Title: A Special Gospel
Sermon Outline
I.   The Historicity of Faith
     A.  Oral tradition
     B.  Eyewitness testimony
II.  The Certainty of Faith
     A.  The surety of belief
     B.  The system of Belief
III. The Ministry of Faith
     A.  Multiple witnesses
     B.  Ministers of the Word 
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