Morning Worship, May 15, 2011

Text: Luke 5:27-39
Title: Hindrances to Salvation
Sermon Outline
I.   Repentance
     A.  Levi’s calling
     B.  Sinners’ calling
II.  Rejoicing
     A.  Able to fast
     B.  Unable to fast
III. Renewal
     A.  Old and new clothes
     B.  Old and new wines 

Morning Worship, May 8, 2011

Text: Luke 5:12-26
Title: Authority
Sermon Outline
I.   Great Power
     A.  Disfigured man
     B.  Demonstrated might
II.  Greater People
     A.  Critics
     B.  Committed
III. Greatest Promise
     A.  An unbelievable statement
     B.  An incredible substance 

Morning Worship, April 24, 2011

Text: Luke 5:1-11
Title: Big Catch
Sermon Outline
I.   Jesus Preaching
     A.  An impromptu assembly
     B.  An improvised amphitheater
II.  Jesus Fishing
     A.  The prophet
     B.  The professional
III. Jesus Discipling
     A.  The sinner
     B.  The Savior 

Morning Worship, April 17, 2011

Text: Luke 4:31-44
Title: The Miraculous Message
Sermon Outline
I.   Validate Message
     A.  Authority over truth
     B.  Authority over deceivers
II.  Compassionate Message
     A.  Rebuking fevers
     B.  Rebuking devils
III. Itinerate Message
     A.  A Spiritual retreat
     B.  A Spiritual mission 

Morning Worship, April 3, 2011

Text: Luke 4:1-13
Title: Second Adam
Sermon Outline
I.   Get the Fruit
     A.  The severity of the temptation
     B.  The substance of the temptation
II.  Gain the Power
     A.  Satanic delusion
     B.  Satanic deception
III. Grab the Glory
     A.  The place of final testing
     B.  The point of final testing 

Morning Worship, March 27, 2011

Text: Luke 3:21-38
Title: Son of God
Sermon Outline
I.   Entrance into the New Humanity
     A.  Baptism and prayer
     B.  Baptism and the Holy Spirit
II.  Initiator of the New Humanity
     A.  Baptism changed
     B.  Baptism explained
III. Fulfillment of the New Humanity
     A.  Reversed heritage
     B.  Reversed history 

Morning Worship, March 20, 2011

Text: Luke 3:15-20
Title: The Supremacy of the Messiah
Sermon Outline
I.   Called to Humility
     A.  Who is John?
     B.  Who is coming?
II.  Cleansed for Holiness
     A.  Purified floor
     B.  Purifying fire
III. Confronting to Herod
     A.  Herod’s sin
     B.  Herod’s stockade 

Morning Worship, March 13, 2011

Text: Luke 3:7-14
Title: The Revived Society
Sermon Outline
I.   Repentance
     A.  Flight
     B.  Family
     C.  Fruit
II.  Compassion
     A.  Clothing
     B.  Cooking
III. Justice
     A.  Tax Collectors
     B.  Tax Soldiers 

Morning Worship, March 6, 2011

Text: Luke 3:1-6
Title: Straighten Up
Sermon Outline
I.   The Need for Change
     A.  Political corruption
     B.  Religious corruption
II.  The Messenger of Change
     A.  The place of revival
     B.  The preparation for revival
III. The Promise of Change
     A.  Prepared people
     B.  Prepared places 

Morning Worship, February 27, 2011

Text: Luke 2:41-52
Title:  Temple Behavior
Sermon Outline
I.   Searching
     A.  Looking for Jesus
     B.  Looking from Jesus
II.  Submission
     A.  Pedagogues
     B.  Parents
III. Simplicity
     A.  Where you should be
     B.  What you should do 
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