Morning Worship, April 28, 2013

Text: Luke 24:50-53

Title: Conclusion

Sermon Outline

I.   Benediction

A.  Location

B.  Love

II.  Ascension

A.  Jesus parted

B.  Jesus placed

III. Celebration

A.  The disciples waiting

B.  The disciples worshipping

Morning Worship, April 21, 2013

Text: Luke 24:44-49

Title: The Great Commission

Sermon Outline

I.   The Necessary Cognition

A.  Three-fold Old Testament

B.  Their understanding opened

II.  The Shared Mission

A.  The gospel acted

B.  The gospel preached

III. The Lord’s Commission

A.  Testimony

B.  Tarrying

Morning Worship, April 14, 2013

Text: Luke 24:36-43

Title: Not a Ghost

Sermon Outline

I.   Peace Reverses Fear

A.  Hello

B.  Horrified

II.  Evidence Resolves Disputes

A.  Troubled

B.  Touched

III. Joy Replaces Doubt

A.  Food

B.  Faith

Morning Worship, April 7, 2013

Text: Luke 24:28-35

Title: The Effects of the Gospel

Sermon Outline

I.   Heart Desire

A.  Ninth commandment

B.  Night imminent

II.  Heart Burn

A.  A common occasion

B.  Uncommon result

III. Heart Response

A.  Immediate return

B.  Important report

Morning Worship, March 31, 2013

Text: Luke 24:25-27

Title: The Necessary Gospel

Sermon Outline

I.   Necessary in the Old Testament

A.  Moses

B.  Prophets

II.  Necessary in the New Testament

A.  Humiliation

B.  Exaltation

III. Necessary for life

A.  Ignorant

B.  Slow to believe

Morning Worship, March 24, 2013

Text: Luke 24:13-24

Title: Confusion

Sermon Outline

I.   The Futility of Shared Ignorance

A.  An unexpected journey

B.  An unhappy pair

II.  The Effect of Divine Interrogation

A.  Blindness

B.  Baseline

III. The Absence of Prophetic Application

A.  Accurate recitation

B.  Absent explanation

Morning Worship, March 17, 2013

Text: Luke 24:1-12

Title: Resurrection

Sermon Outline

I.   Empty Tomb

A.  Astonishing find

B.  Astonishing absence

II.  Empty Memory

A.  Shining angels

B.  Shining words

III. Empty Words

A.  Returning from the grave

B.  Returning to the grave.

Morning Worship, March 10, 2013

Text: Luke 23:50-56

Title: Burial

Sermon Outline

I.   A Real Disciple

A.  A good man with evil

B.  A good man waiting

II.  A Real Death

A.  The body pleaded

B.  The body prepared

III. A Real Funeral

A.  The grave prepared

B.  The day prepared

Morning Worship, March 3, 2013

Text: Luke 23:44-49

Title: The Death of Death

Sermon Outline

I.   Supernatural Events

A.  Exodus remembered

B.  Exodus experienced

II.  Special Statements

A.  Jesus speaks

B.  Judgment speaks

III. Staying Around

A.  Those who returned

B.  Those who stood

Morning Worship, February 24, 2013

Text: Luke 23:32-43

Title: Ridicule

Sermon Title

I.   The Mocking of the Jews

A.  The words of the rulers

B.  The words of Jesus

II.  The Mocking of the Gentiles

A.  The inscription

B.  The insults

III. The Mocking of the Thieves

A.  The thief’s truth

B.  The thief’s trust

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