The Kings

Morning Worship, November 1, 2009

Text:  I Samuel 13
Title:  Chapter 7 – Using Magic
Sermon Outline
I.   Philistine Power
     A.  The People Come
     B.  The People Run
II.  Prophetic Power
     A.  Saul’s Incantation
     B.  Samuel’s Incantation
III. Polishing Power
     A.  The continuing threat
     B.  The constant problem 

Morning Worship, October 25, 2009

Text: I Samuel 12
Title: Chapter 6 – The New Government
Sermon Outline
I.   Guiding a People’s Character
     A.  Change of Government
     B.  Legal Exoneration
II.  Guiding a People’s Army
     A.  Historical Recapitulation
     B.  A “New” Ruler
III. Guiding a People’s Heart
     A.  Final Evidence
     B.  Absolute Law 

Morning Worship, October 18, 2009

Text: I Samuel 10
Title: Chapter 5 – Two Imperfect Coronations
Sermon Outline
I.   The Private Coronation
     A.  The Prophet Predicts
     B.  The Prophetic Proverb
     C.  The Prophetic Prevarication
II.  The Public Coronation
     A.  The Chosen Called
     B.  The Chosen Hidden
     C.  The Chosen Slighted 

Morning Worship, October 11, 2009

Text: I Samuel 9
Title:  Chapter 4 – Moving Pieces
Sermon Outline
I.   A companion on the road
     A.  One King
     B.  Two Searchers
     C.  One Prophet
     D.  Two Women
II.  A companion up the hill
     A.  The explanation to Samuel
     B.  The explanation to Saul
III. A companion on the roof
     A.  The Feast
     B.  The Talk 

Morning Worship, October 4, 2009

Text: I Samuel 8
Title: Chapter 3 – This Will Be Your King
Sermon Outline
I.   The Problem of Judges
     A.  Not again
     B.  Not this time
II.  The Problem of People
     A.  Samuel’s insult
     B.  God’s insult
III. The Problem of Kings
     A.  Take your people 
     B.  Take your possessions
IV. The Problem of Nations
     A.  Like the other nations
     B.  Listen to them

Morning Worship, September 27, 2009

Text: I Samuel 7:2-17
Title: Chapter 2 – The Revival

Sermon Outline

I.   The incidence of repentance
A. The Revival
B. The Reminder
II.  The consequence of repentance
A. Battle
B. Aftermath
III. The maintenance of repentance
A. Leadership
B. Persistence

Morning Worship, September 13, 2009

Text: I Samuel 3
Title: Chapter 1 – The Prophecy

Sermon Outline
I.   Recognize God’s Word
A.  Unable to see
B.  Unable to hear
II.  Receive God’s Word
A.  Character of God’swork
B.  Certainty of God’s judgment
III. Remember God’s Word
A.  God’s righteous sovereignty
B.  God’s revealed word

Morning Worship, September 6, 2009

Text: I Samuel 1
Title: Episode 1 – The Spiritual Peril
Sermon Outline
I.   Prayer prompted by catastrophe
     A.  Hannah’s problem
     B.  Israel’s problem
II.  Prayer poured out from the soul
     A.  Hannah’s oath
     B.  Hannah’s overflow
III. Prayer claims the promises of God
     A.  Immediate change
     B.  Immovable resolve
IV. Prayer proceeds to worship
     A.  The property sacrifice
     B.  The personal sacrifice 
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