The Kings

Morning Worship, January 24, 2010

Text: I Samuel 23
Title: Chapter 2 – Lessons from the Road
Sermon Outline
I.   Sure in the Way
     A.  Are you sure?
     B.  Are you staying?
II.  Sunny in the Way
     A.  Fear
     B.  Friendship
III. Safe in the Way
     A.  A mountain place
     B.  A mountain pass 

Morning Worship, January 17, 2010

Text: I Samuel 22:6-23
Title: Chapter 1 – Timeless Slaughter
Sermon Outline
I.   The Court
     A.  Saul’s speech
     B.  Doeg’s report
II.  The Trial
     A.  Saul’s accusation
     B.  Ahimekech’s defense
III. The Verdict
     A.  Doeg’s attack
     B.  David’s confession 

Morning Worship, January 10, 2010

Text:  I Samuel 21:10-15
Title:  Episode 3 – Revenge of the Saul
Sermon Outline
I.   Madness
     A.  Flight
     B.  Fright
II.  Darkness
     A.  The abuse of man
     B.  The ability of God
III. Brightness
     A.  Exaltation in God
     B.  Exaltation in heart 

Morning Worship, January 3, 2010

Text: I Samuel 20
Title: Chapter 5 – The Defining Decision
Sermon Outline
I.   A Choice Presented
     A.  A conflict claimed
     B.  A preferable death
II.  A Choice Promised
     A.  Covenant
     B.  Communication
III. A Choice Prompted
     A.  Saul’s assumption
     B.  Saul’s anger
IV. A  Choice Performed
     A.  Jonathan’s arrows
     B.  David’s anguish 

Morning Worship, December 13, 2009

Text: I Samuel 19
Title: Chapter 4 – Living in a Perilous World
Sermon Outline
I.   Sage Protection
     A.  Jonathan speaks to David
     B.  Jonathan speaks to Saul
II.  Sensible Protection
     A.  Repeated victory
     B.  Repeated victim
III. Secretive Protection
     A.  Michal rescues David
     B.  Michal restrains Saul
IV. Supernatural Protection
     A.  Prophetic messengers
     B.  Prophetic misanthrope 

Morning Worship, December 6, 2009

Text: I Samuel 18:1-16
Title: Chapter 3 – Variations of Life
Sermon Outline
I.  Know your allies
     A.  Into heart and home
     B.  Into harm and heat
II.  Know your envy
     A.  Petty Jealousy
     B.  Pointy Javelin
III. Know your integrity
     A.  Fear divides
     B.  Fearlessness unites 

Morning Worship, November 29, 2009

Text: I Samuel 17:31-58
Title: Chapter 2 – The Giant Slayer
Sermon Outline
I.   The Heart of a Christian
     A.  The Mind of a King
     B.  The Armor of a King
II.  The Mind of a Christian
     A.  The Human Perspective
     B.  The Divine Perspective
III. The Mettle of a Christian
     A.  The Forgotten Oath
     B.  The Forgetting Oaf 

Morning Worship, November 22, 2009

Text: I Samuel 17:1-30
Title: The Valley of Apathy
Sermon Outline
I.   How strong is your arm?
     A.  Battle lines
     B.  Battle champions
     C.  Battle taunts
II.  How firm is your stance?
     A.  Troubled times
     B.  Troubled tents
III. How long is your cause?
     A.  A reward question
     B.  A rhetorical question 

Morning Worship, November 15, 2009

Text: I Samuel 16:1-13
Title: Episode II – A New Hope
Sermon Outline
I.   Seeing the Situation
     A.  Transition
     B.  Deception
II.  Seeing the Selection
     A.  The Selection Process
     B.  The Selection Prerequisites
III. Seeing the Spirit
     A.  In Man’s Eyes
     B.  In God’s Eyes 

Morning Worship, November 8, 2009

Text: I Samuel 15
Title:  Chapter 8 – The End of a King
Sermon Outline
I.   Fierce Retribution
     A.  The Lord’s Command
     B.  The Lack of Obedience
II.  Fearful Judgment
     A.  Shifting Blame
     B.  Better than Sacrifice
III. Frightening Consequences
     A.  No Repentance
     B.  No Reluctance 
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