The Kings

Morning Worship, May 2, 2010

Text: II Samuel 2:17-3:1
Title: Chapter 3 – Blood Feud
Sermon Outline
I.   Watch your passion
     A.  The hunt
     B.  The halt
II.  Want your peace
     A.  The hungry sword
     B.  The harried people
III. Work your providence
     A.  Marching home
     B.  Mustering heads 

Morning Worship, April 25, 2010

Text: II Samuel 2:1-16
Title: Civil War
Sermon Outline
I.   The Good Wait
     A.  New king
     B.  New kindness
II.  The Bad Rush
     A.  Two kings
     B.  Two kingdoms
III. The Ugly Play
     A.  Confrontation
     B.  Coordination 

Morning Worship, April 11, 2010

Text: II Samuel 1:1-16
Title: Episode IV – The Great Hope
Sermon Outline
I.   The Final Report
     A.  The emissary
     B.  His report
II.  The Final Story
     A.  An unlikely setting
     B.  An unlikely story
III. The Final Response
     A.  Weeping
     B.  Execution 

Morning Worship, March 28, 2010

Text: I Samuel 31
Title: Chapter 10 – The Death of a King
Sermon Outline
I.   Dynastic End
     A.  The king’s defeat
     B.  The king’s demise
II.  Derivative End
     A.  Death
     B.  Dispossessed
III. Defensive end
     A.  Disgrace
     B.  Deliverance 

Morning Worship, March 21, 2010

Text: I Samuel 30:7-31
Title: Chapter 9 – The Lord of Victory
Sermon Outline
I.   The Sender of Victory
     A.  A wary leader
     B.  A weary army
II.  The Street of Victory
     A.  An Egyptian slave
     B.  An Amalekite Army
III. The Source of Victory
     A.  Greedy servants
     B.  Giving Lord 

Morning Worship, March 14, 2010

Text: I Samuel 29
Title: Chapter 8 – Light in Darkness
Sermon Outline
I.   Traitor
     A.  Expectations
     B.  Experience
II.  Treacherous
     A.  A strained convocation
     B.  A strange conversation
III. Plundered
     A.  Blackened village
     B.  Blinding victory 

Morning Worship, February 21, 2010

Text: I Samuel 27
Title: Chapter 6 – Exile
Sermon Outline
I.   Separated from Hope
     A.  Flight
     B.  Forgotten
II.  Separated from Help
     A.  Urban
     B.  Rural
III. Separated from Truth
     A.  Savage raiding
     B.  Secretive reporting 

Morning Worship, February 14, 2010

Text: I Samuel 26
Title: Chapter 5 – Sharp and Pointy
Sermon Outline
I.   A Spear in the Ground
     A.  Again the Ziphites
     B.  Again the Zs
II.  A Spear in the Hand
     A.  Whose spear is this?
     B.  Whose voice is this?
III. A Spear for a King
     A.  Behold the king’s spear
     B.  Behold the king’s life 

Morning Worship, February 7, 2010

Text: I Samuel 25
Title: A Lesson in Succession
Sermon Outline
I.   A Sour Simpleton
     A.  Who is David?
     B.  Who are you?
II.  A Scorned Shepherd
     A.  Get your sword
     B.  Get your reward
III. A Sage Spouse
     A.  My fault
     B.  My lord 

Morning Worship, January 31, 2010

Text: I Samuel 24
Title: Chapter 3 – The Slow Road
Sermon Outline
I.   A Healthy Speed
     A.  Providence or temptation
     B.  Prevention and tension
II.  A Hearty Appeal
     A.  Proof
     B.  Vindication
III. A Hesitant Acceptance
     A.  Sorrow?
     B.  Separation 
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