The Kings

Morning Worship, July 18, 2010

Text: II Samuel 11:6-27
Title:  Chapter 2 – A Tangled Web
Sermon Outline
I.   Cover Up
     A.  First attempt
     B.  Second attempt
II.  Level Up
     A.  Murder
     B.  Messenger
III. Marry Up
     A.  Mourning
     B.  Marriage 

Morning Worship, July 4, 2010

Text: II Samuel 11:1-5
Title: Chapter 1 – The Fall of the King
Sermon Outline
I.   Where you shouldn’t be
     A.  Advancing war
     B.  Absentee warlord
II.  What you shouldn’t be
     A.  Slothful
     B.  Sensual
III. What you shouldn’t do
     A.  Enquire
     B.  Engage 

Morning Worship, June 27, 2010

Text: II Samuel 10
Title: Episode V – The Evil Strikes Back
Sermon Outline
I.   Theological Outlook
     A.  Historical cynicism
     B.  Covenantal honorarium
II.  Theological Rejection
     A.  Suspicious minds
     B.  Scandalous momentos
III. Theological Oddity
     A.  Difficult position
     B.  Difficult proposition 

Morning Worship, June 20, 2010

Text: II Samuel 9
Title:  Chapter 10 – The Final Matter
Sermon Outline
I.   The One who Pursues
     A.  The incitement of investigation
     B.  The exigencies of investigation
II.  The One who Promises
     A.  A fearful meeting
     B.  A fearless promise
III. The One who Purposes
     A.  Dealing property
     B.  Dealing personally 

Morning Worship, June 13, 2010

Text: II Samuel 7:1-17
Title: Chapter 9 – House Building
Sermon Outline
I.   No House
     A.  A troubling comparison
     B.  A thorough chronology
II.  David’s House
     A.  Shepherding David
     B.  Shepherding Israel
III. God’s House
     A.  The everlasting temple
     B.  The everlasting kingdom 

Morning Worship, June 6, 2010

Text: II Samuel 6:12-23
Title: Chapter 8 – Shall We Dance
Sermon Outline 
I.   Dance Steps
     A.  Transport
     B.  Trooping
II.  Dance Dining
     A.  Praises
     B.  Portions
III. Dance Critics
     A.  Despising
     B.  Delighting 

Morning Worship, May 30, 2010

Text: II Samuel 6:1-11
Title: Chapter 7 – The Holiness of God
Sermon Outline
I.   The Name of God
     A.  Guard of honor
     B.  Ark of honor
II.  The Honor of God
     A.  Big party
     B.  Big mistake
III. The Character of God
     A.  The severity of God
     B.  The goodness of God 

Morning Worship, May 23, 2010

Text: II Samuel 5:17-25
Title: Chapter 6 – The Warrior
Sermon Outline
I.   The Lord Guides
     A.  Seeking God’s will
     B.  Assuming God’s will
II.  The Lord Empowers
     A.  Forefront
     B.  Follow-up
III. The Lord Smashes
     A.  Bursting forth
     B.  Smiting Philistines 

Morning Worship, May 16, 2010

Text: II Samuel 5:1-16
Title: Chapter 5 – New
Sermon Outline
I.   A New Nation
     A.  Recognition
     B.  Consecration
II.  A New Capital
     A.  The taking of the capital
     B.  The building of the capital
III. A New Attitude
     A.  Recognition
     B.  Desecration 

Morning Worship, May 9, 2010

Text: II Samuel 3:22-39
Title: Chapter 4 – Feud Finality
Sermon Outline
I.   Bitterness Poisons
     A.  Returning raiders
     B.  Raging raider
II.  Bitterness Kills
     A.  Premeditated murder
     B.  Proper blame
III. Bitterness Troubles
     A.  David’s lament
     B.  David’s likeablility 
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