The Kings

Morning Worship, October 10, 2010

Text: II Samuel 18:1-18
Title:  Episode VI – Return of a King
Sermon Outline
I.   Two Battle-plans
     A.  Kindness
     B.  Effectiveness
II.  Two Soldiers
     A.  The unknown
     B.  The well-known
III. Two Tombs
     A.  Ditch
     B.  Pillars 

Morning Worship, October 3, 2010

Text: II Samuel 17:15-29
Title: Chapter 12 – Exile
Sermon Outline
I.   A Distressed Message
     A.  Intelligence system
     B.  Intelligent subversion
II.  A Depressed Counselor
     A.  Finding a way out
     B.  Finding a way around
III. A Repressed King
     A.  Angry bulls
     B.  Bizarre aid

Morning Worship, September 26, 2010

Text: II Samuel 17:1-14
Title: Chapter 11 – Confounding Wisdom
Sermon Outline
I.   Aggressive Plan
     A.  Narrow purpose
     B.  Returning people
II.  Absurd Plan
     A.  Not good
     B.  Good man
III. Alternative Plan
     A.  Visualize victory
     B.  Better battleplan 

Morning Worship, September 12, 2010

Text: II Samuel 16:15-23
Title: The Turn
Sermon Outline
I.   Hushai and the Rebel
     A.  Who is the king?
     B.  Who is your friend?
II.  Hushai and the Regency
     A.  Faithful to the king
     B.  Faithful to the dynasty
III. Hushai and the Rival
     A.  The character of Hushai’s rival
     B.  The challenge of Hushai’s rival 

Morning Worship, September 5, 2010

Text: II Samuel 15:17-37
Title: Chapter 9 – Camp Followers
Sermon Outline
I.   Steadfast Friend
     A.  Go back
     B.  Go with you
II.  Sacerdotal Framework
     A.  Go back
     B.  Go minister
III. Subversive Factor
     A.  Go back
     B.  Go subvert 

Morning Worship, August 29, 2010

Text: II Samuel 15:7-16
Title: Chapter 8 – Rebellion
Sermon Outline
I.   Fabrication
     A.  Forty years
     B.  False worship
II.  Falthlessness
     A.  Subversive activities
     B.  Strong conspirators
III. Flight
     A.  Frightened monarch
     B.  Faithful servants 

Morning Worship, August 22, 2010

Text: II Samuel 15:1-6
Title: Chapter 7 – Thief of Hearts
Sermon Outline
I.   The Art of the Bling
     A.  New ride
     B.  New retinue
II.  The Art of the Swap
     A.  Hanging around
     B.  Hanging judge
III. The Art of the Con
     A.  Fake humility
     B.  Fake theft 

Morning Worship, August 15, 2010

Text: II Samuel 14
Title: Chapter 6 – Reconciling with Murderers
Sermon Outline
I.   Another Plot
     A.  David’s desire
     B.  David’s deception
II.  Another Place
     A.  Recalled
     B.  Rejected
III. Another Politician
     A.  Secular figure
     B.  Succession reclaimed 

Morning Worship, August 8, 2010

Text: I Samuel 13
Title: Chapter 5 – Acorn and Tree
Sermon Outline
I.   Retribution
     A.  A familiar scenario
     B.  A switch in focus
II.  Revenge
     A.  Patience
     B.  Persistence
III. Realization
     A.  Failure to understand
     B.  Failure to deal 

Morning Worship, August 1, 2010

Text: II Samuel 12:15-31
Title:  Chapter 4 – Beginning Again
Sermon Outline
I.   Turn From Your Past
     A.  Mourning period
     B.  Mourning worry
II.  Turn Toward Your Hope
     A.  In life
     B.  In death
III. Turn Back to Your Present
     A.  Whose city
     B.  Whose business
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