The Kings

Morning Worship, February 13, 2011

Text: II Samuel 24:17-25
Title: Epilogue – Building a Legacy
Sermon Outline
I.   The Need of Sacrifice
     A.  Israel’s sin
     B.  David’s sin
II.  The Place of Sacrifice
     A.  A special city
     B.  Outside the city
III. The Cost of Sacrifice
     A.  Araunah’s offer
     B.  David’s need 

Morning Worship, February 6, 2011

Text: II Samuel 23:13-23
Title: Chapter 10 – Honorable Mention
Sermon Outline
I.   Honorable General
     A.  To the three hundred
     B.  To the three
II.  Honorable Guard
     A.  Lion-like men
     B.  Lone spearman
III. Honorable Gift
     A.  Amazing feat
     B.  Amazing grace 

Morning Worship, January 30, 2011

Text: II Samuel 23:8-12
Title: Chapter 9 – The Three
Sermon Outline
I.   Knowing the Odds
     A.  Captain
     B.  Conqueror
II.  Knowing the Duration
     A.  The ones who flee
     B.  The one who fight
III. Knowing the Stakes
     A.  Field of beans
     B.  More than beans 

Morning Worship, January 23, 2011

Text: II Samuel 23:1-7
Title: Chapter 8 – David’s Oracle
Sermon Outline
I.   The Author of David’s Oracle
     A.  David’s status
     B.  David’s Spirit
II.  The Argument of David’s Oracle
     A.  A king’s duty
     B.  A king’s desirability
III. The Ambiguity of David’s Oracle
     A.  Blessed
     B.  Belial 

Morning Worship, January 16, 2011

Text: II Samuel 22
Title: Chapter 7 – David’s Doctrine
Sermon Outline
I.   The Lord’s Deliverance
     A.  The approach of the Lord
     B.  The rescue of the Lord
II.  The Lord’s Recompense
     A.  Justice of God
     B.  Greatness of God
III. The Lord’s Assistance
     A.  Human activity
     B.  Divine activity 

Morning Worship, January 2, 2011

Text: II Samuel 20:14-26
Title: Chapter 5 – The End of the Rebellion
Sermon Outline
I.   The Siege in the Kingdom
     A.  Battlements
     B.  Bargaining
II.  The Settlement of the Kingdom
     A.  The character of the city
     B.  The character of the rebel
     B.  The character of the cure
III. The Secretaries of the Kingdom
     A.  Of soldiers
     B.  Of scribes
     C.  Of saints 

Morning Worship, November 14, 2010

Text: II Samuel 20:1-13
Title: Chapter 4 – Again?
Sermon Outline
I.   The Wasteland of Recess
     A.  Pettiness
     B.  Personal
II.  The Wasteland of Immortality
     A.  Attack against misogyny
     B.  Attempt against misery
III. The Wasteland of Power
     A.  Joab’s pride
     B.  Joab’s preferment

Morning Worship, November 7, 2010

Text: II Samuel 19:24-30
Title: Chapter 3 – Facial Hair and Fingernails
Sermon Outlines
I.   The Servant We Were
     A.  Lying
     B.  Supportive
II.  The Servant We Are
     A.  Decieved
     B.  Divided
III. The Servant We Ought
     A.  An unusual offering
     B.  An unlikely contentment 

Morning Worship, October 31, 2010

Text: II Samuel 19:9-15
Title: Chapter 2 – Reconciliation
Sermon Outline
I.   Too Proud
     A.  Historical argument
     B.  Relational argument
II.  Too Close
     A.  Peer pressure
     B.  Relative pressure
III. Too New
     A.  A new commander
     B.  A new chance 

Morning Worship, October 17, 2010

Text: II Samuel 18:33-19:8
Title:  Chapter 1 – Defeat from the Jawas of Victory
Sermon Outline
I.   Bad Attitude
     A.  Mourning
     B.  Sneaking
II.  Bad Manners
     A.  Shame
     B.  Substitution
III. Bad Correction
     A.  Joab’s threat
     B.  David’s appearance 
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