Morning Worship, June 1, 2014

Text: Genesis 22:1-10

Title: An Abnormal Sacrifice

Sermon Outline

I.   Abraham’s Command

A.  God’s purpose

B.  God’s plan

II.  Abraham’s Obedience

A.  Setting off

B.  Speaking out

III. Abraham’s Faith

A.  Isaac bound

B.  Isaac slain

Morning Worship, May 25, 2014

Text: Genesis 21:22-34

Title: A Harbinger of Things to Come

Sermon Outline

I.   The Oath

A.  The basis of the oath

B.  The substance of the oath

II.  The Well

A.  The controversy

B.  The covenant

III. The Name

A.  The place of wonder

B.  The place of worship

Morning Worship, May 18, 2014

Text: Genesis 21:8-21

Title: Origin of an Allegory

Sermon Outline

I.   Ishmael’s Mockery

A.  The laughing feast

B.  The laughing insult

II.  Ishmael’s Exile

A.  Sarah’s demand

B.  Abraham’s dream

III. Ishmael’s Deliverance

A.  God preserves life

B.  God preserves lineage

Morning Worship, May 11, 2014

Text: Genesis 21:1-7

Title: The Birth of Isaac

Sermon Outline

I.   And the Lord

A.  Supernatural

B.  Natural

II.  And Abraham

A.  Naming

B.  Circumcising

III. And Sarah

A.  A new reason

B.  A old wonder

Morning Worship, May 4, 2014

Text: Genesis 20

Title: Again?

Sermon Outline

I.   Whose Spouse?

A.  Dead man walking

B.  Dead man living

II.  Whose Sister?

A.  Abimelek asks

B.  Abraham answers

III. Whose Son?

A.  Sarah’s reputation

B.  Abraham’s petition

Morning Worship, April 27, 2014

Text: Genesis 19:30-38

Title: Irredeemable

Sermon Outline

I.   Scared Again

A.  Where he didn’t want to go

B.  Why he didn’t want to stay

II.  Seduced Again

A.  A wicked plan

B.  A wanton purpose

III. Saved Again?

A.  The corrupt people

B.  The common people

Morning Worship, April 13, 2014

Text: Genesis 19:15-29

Title: Sodom Burns

Sermon Outline

I.   Waiting to Leave

A.  The angels’ eviction

B.  Lot’s plea

II.  Wanting to Return

A.  Rain of fire

B.  Pillar of salt

III. Watching the Smoke

A.  Abraham’s view

B.  Abraham’s sake

Morning Worship, April 6, 2014

Text: Genesis 19:1-14

Title: Sodom’s Sins

Sermon Outline

I.   Safety Sins

A.  Lot’s compassion

B.  Lot’s concern

II.  Sexual Sins

A.  Lust

B.  License

III. Suspicious Sins

A.  Warning heeded

B.  Warning hated

Morning Worship, March 30, 2014

Text: Genesis 18:16-33

Title: The Lord is Just

Sermon Outline

I.   Shall I hide from Abraham?

A.  God’s question

B.  God’s revelation

II.  Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?

A.  How does God see men?

B.  How does God judge men?

III. Shall He find ten righteous?

A.  Abraham’s conversation

B.  Abraham’s departure

Morning Worship, March 23, 2014

Text: Genesis 18:1-15

Title: Where is Sarah?

Sermon Outline

I.   Abraham’s Visitors

A.  The setting

B.  The suggestion

II.  Abraham’s Wife

A.  Preparation of dinner

B.  Promise at dinner

III. Abraham’s Lord

A.  Sarah’s laugh

B.  Sarah’s denial

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