Morning Worship, September 14, 2014

Text: Genesis 27:1-40

Title: The way to a man’s heart…

Sermon Outline

I.   Rebecca’s Curse

A.  The plot to deceive

B.  The plan to deflect

II.  Isaac’s Convulsion

A.  The poor to deflect

B.  The plan now disclosed

III. Esau’s Crying

A.  The plot to pilfer

B.  The plan not pilfered

Morning Worship, September 7, 2014

Text: Genesis 26:12-33

Title: Trail of Wells

Sermon Outline

I.   Envy Towards Christians

A.  Isaac prospers

B.  Isaac evicted

II.  Frustration of Christians

A.  The pugnacity of man

B.  The promises of God

III. Fellowship with Christians

A.  Covenant reconciliation

B.  Covenant rejoicing

Morning Worship, August 31, 2014

Text: Genesis 26:1-11

Title: Prerequisites of Redemption

Sermon Outline

I.   God’s Delight

A.  Broken

B.  Blessed

C.  Betterment

II.  Man’s Doubt

A.  Fear

B.  Exposure

C.  Distrust

Morning Worship, August 24, 2014

Text: Genesis 25:27-34

Title: For the Red Stuff

Sermon Outline

I.   Who do you want?

A.  Two different people

B.  Two different perspectives

II.  What will you trade?

A.  Esau’s need

B.  Jacob’s deal

III. What will you value?

A.  Esau’s attitude

B.  Esau’s aftermath

Morning Worship, August 3, 2014

Text: Genesis 25:19-26

Title: Patriarchal Election

Sermon Outline

I.  Chronological

A.  Isaac’s problem

B.  Isaac’s solution

II.  Confrontational

A.  Internal evidence

B.  External evidence

III. Unconditional

A.  Hairy

B.  Heely

Morning Worship, July 27, 2014

Text: Genesis 25:1-18

Title: The Normal Patriarch

Sermon Outline

I.   Isaac’s Family

A.  Keturah’s time

B.  Keturah’s sons

C.  Keturah’s eviction

II.  Isaac’s Father

A.  Abraham’s death

B.  Abraham’s funeral

III. Isaac’s Frenemy

A.  The blessed child

B.  The abundant child

C.  The rival children

Morning Worship, July 20, 2014

Text: Genesis 24:28-67

Title: From Well to Well

Sermon Outline

I.   Rebecca’s Recap

A.  From oath

B.  To outcome

II.  Rebecca’s Response

A.  Marriage agreement

B.  Marriage imminent

III. Rebecca’s Romance

A.  Isaac’s meditation

B.  Isaac’s affection

Morning Worship, July 13, 2014

Text: Genesis 24:1-28

Title: Matchmaking

Sermon Outline

I.   Abraham’s Oath

A.  The servant’s charge

B.  The servant’s concern

II.  Abraham’s Servant

A.  A pastoral situation

B.  A prayer suspect

III. Abraham’s Kin

A.  Wonderful concern

B.  Wondrous connection

Morning Worship, July 6, 2014

Text: Genesis 23

Title: What do you own?

Sermon Outline

I.   Abraham’s Dead

A.  A serious loss

B.  A serious request

II.  Abraham’s Deal

A.  Ephron’s present

B.  Ephron’s price

III. Abraham’s Deed

A.  Price and description

B.  Possessed and buried

Morning Worship, June 29, 2014

Text: Genesis 22:11-24

Title: Blessed to Bless

Sermon Outline

I.   The Replacement for Isaac

A.  Stop

B.  See

II.  The Blessing Concerning Isaac

A.  Multiplied seed

B.  Munificent seed

III. The Wife of Isaac

A.  Twelve sons

B.  One daughter

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