Morning Worship, January 4, 2015

Text: Genesis 34

Title: Revenge

Sermon Outline

I.   The Seduction

A.  A confusing event

B.  A curious effect

II.  The Sign

A.  Shechem’s problem

B.  Shechem’s solution

III. The Summary

A.  Attacking the weak

B.  Assuming the worst

Morning Worship, December 7, 2014

Text: Genesis 33:1-17

Title: Facing Esau

Sermon Outline

I.   The Root of Forgiveness

A.  Jacob’s arrangement

B.  Jacob’s audience

II.  The Root of Generosity

A.  Jacob’s family

B.  Jacob’s present

III. The Root of Suspicion

A.  Jacob’s deception

B.  Jacob’s designation

Morning Worship, November 30, 2014

Text: Genesis 32:13-32

Title: Facing God

Sermon Outline

I.   An Old Isolation

A.  Jacob’s gift

B.  Jacob alone

II.  A Dark Competition

A.  Determined struggle

B.  Detached hip

III. A New Designation

A.  Israel

B.  Peniel

Morning Worship, November 23, 2014

Text: Genesis 32:1-12

Title: Facing Fear

Sermon Outline

I.   The Lord of Hosts

A.  Jacob’s stalkers

B.  Jacob’s city

II.  The Lord Most Wise

A.  Jacob’s message

B.  Jacob’s fear

III. The Lord of the Unworthy

A.  Jacob’s position

B.  Jacob’s prayer

Morning Worship, November 16, 2014

Text: Genesis 31

Title: Mizpah

Sermon Outline

I.   God’s Presence

A.  Jacob’s discernment

B.  Jacob’s discussion

II.  God’s Protection

A.  A battle of worldviews

B.  A battle of wits

III. God’s Peace

A.  Reluctant pact

B.  Resistless pillar

Morning Worship, November 9, 2014

Text: Genesis 30:25-43

Title: Dealing with the World

Sermon Outline

I.  Jacob’s Complaint

A.  I want to home

B.  I have made you rich

II.  Jacob’s Deal

A.  Terms

B.  Conditions

III. Jacob’s Scheme

A.  Faulty scheme

B.  Solid eugenics

Morning Worship, October 26, 2014

Text: Genesis 29:31-30:24

Title: Baby Wars

Sermon Outline

I.   Name Indication

A.  The good

B.  The bad

II.  Human Invention

A.  Rachel’s complaint

B.  Leah’s counter

III. Divine Intervention

A.  For Leah

B.  For Rachel

Morning Worship, October 12, 2014

Text: Genesis 29:1-30

Title: New Way to be Human

Sermon Outline

I.   The Way of Blessing

A.  Another well

B.  Another welcome

II.  The Way of Love

A.  Two sisters

B.  One servant

III. The Way of Discipline

A.  Beguiled again

B.  Bought again

Morning Worship, October 5, 2014

Text: Genesis 28:10-22

Title: Bethel

Sermon Outline

I.   The Promises of God

A.  Setting

B.  Saying

II.  The Presence of God

A.  Fear for fearsome

B.  Pillow for pillars

III. The Praise of God

A.  If…

B.  …then

Morning Worship, September 21, 2014

Text: Genesis 27:41-28:9

Title: Sin and Self

Sermon Outline

I.   Self-delusion

A.  Esau’s observation

B.  Esau’s response

II.  Self-deception

A.  Rebekah speaks to Jacob

B.  Rebekah speaks to Isaac

III. Self-denial

A.  Isaac’s charge

B.  Isaac’s blessing

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