Morning Worship, March 15, 2015

Text: Genesis 41:45-57

Title: Egypt’s Provider

Sermon Outline

I.   Egyptian Synergism

A.  Joseph’s wisdom

B.  God’s blessing

II.  Egyptian Sons

A.  Past

B.  Present

III. Egyptian Savior

A.  Pharaoh’s instruction

B.  Joseph’s provision

Morning Worship, March 8, 2015

Text: Genesis 41:1-45

Title: Upwardly Mobile Dreams

Sermon Outline

I.   Confidence in God’s Power

A.  Man’s inability

B.  God’s ability

II.  Confidence in God’s Word

A.  God has revealed

B.  God has assured

III. Confidence in God’s Wisdom

A.  Man’s deliberations

B.  Spirit’s dwelling

Morning Worship, March 1, 2015

Text: Genesis 40

Title: Two More Dreams

Sermon Outline

I.   Joseph Favored

A.  Different crimes

B.  Different captains

II.  Joseph’s Future

A.  Butler’s dream

B.  Baker’s dream

III. Joseph Forgotten

A.  Birthday fete

B.  Butler forgets

Morning Worship, February 22, 2015

Text: Genesis 39

Title: Immanuel

Sermon Outline

I.   With us in Vocation

A.  In servitude

B.  In supremacy

II.  With us in Temptation

A.  In victory

B.  In defeat

III. With us in Oppression

A.  In prisons

B.  In periods

Morning Worship, February 15, 2015

Text: Genesis 38

Title: Intrusion Ethics

Sermon Outline

I.   Marriage Ethics

A.  The unnamed wife

B.  The named wife

II.  Widow Ethics

A.  Sin

B.  Settlement

III. Birth Ethics

A.  A sign to save life

B.  A sign of new life

Morning Worship, February 8, 2015

Text: Genesis 37:12-36

Title: Exiled in Egypt

Sermon Outline

I.   Seen from Afar

A.  An unwise appointment

B.  An unwise analysis

II.  Seen in Chains

A.  In the pit

B.  From the pit

III. Seen in Sorrow

A.  Reuben’s sorrow

B.  Jacob’s sorrow

Morning Worship, February 1, 2015

Text: Genesis 37:1-11

Title: It’s about Dad

Sermon Outline

I.   Many Colors

A.  Partiality

B.  Hostility

II.  Many Sheaves

A.  Anger already

B.  Anger aggravated

III. Many Stars

A.  Joseph’s dream

B.  Jacob’s reply

Morning Worship, January 25, 2015

Text: Genesis 36

Title: Esau is Edom

Sermon Outline

I.   Separation

A.  Esau’s descent

B.  Esau’s departure

II.  Occupation

A.  Chief’s of Edom

B.  Chief’s of Seir

III. Administration

A.  Kings

B.  Chiefs

Morning Worship, January 18, 2015

Text: Genesis 35:16-29

Title: Death

Sermon Outline

I.   Death of a Father

A.  The new base

B.  The new chief

II.  Death of a Wife

A.  New life

B.  New grave

III. Death of a Dream

A.  Disqualified

B.  Disquieted

Morning Worship, January 11, 2015

Text: Genesis 35:1-15

Title: Back to Bethel

Sermon Outline

I.   Coming before God

A.  A new direction

B.  A new distinction

II.  Standing before God

A.  An altar of death

B.  An oak of death

III. Living before God

A.  God’s promises

B.  Our promises

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