Morning Worship, May 31, 2015

Text: Genesis 50

Title: God’s Plan of Redemption

Sermon Outline

I. Mystery

A.  Egyptian assistance

B.  Egyptian compassion

II.  Providence

A.  Fear

B.  Faith

III. Hope

A.  Promise

B.  Perseverance

Morning Worship, May 24, 2015

Text: Genesis 49:13-33

Title: Israel’s Hope

Sermon Outline

I.   The Savior Lord

A.  Jacob’s sons

B.  Israel’s hope

II.  The Shepherd Lord

A.  Joseph’s blessings

B.  Joseph’s benefactor

III. The Sovereign Lord

A.  Jacob’s charge

B.  Jacob’s choice

Morning Worship, May 17, 2015

Text: Genesis 49:1-12

Title: Judah’s Greatness

Sermon Outline

I.   Unstable

A.  Reuben’s excellence

B.  Reuben’s weakness

II.  Unhinged

A.  Their anger

B.  Their curse

III. Unbeatable

A.  Judah’s rule

B.  Judah’s riches

Morning Worship, May 10, 2015

Text: Genesis 48

Title: Another Birthright

Sermon Outline

I.   Joseph’s Children

A.  Adopting intent

B.  Adopting event

II.  Joseph Chosen

A.  Jacob’s blessing

B.  Joseph’s objecting

III. Joseph’s Crypt

A.  Israel’s faith

B.  Joseph’s future

Morning Worship, May 3, 2015

Text: Genesis 47

Title: Like Father, Like Nation

Sermon Outline

I.   Israel’s Life

A.  Pharaoh meets Jacob

B.  Pharaoh meets Jacob

II.  Israel’s Liberty

A.  The new owner

B.  The new program

III. Israel’s Last Resting Place

A.  Israel’s prosperity

B.  Israel’s promise

Morning Worship, April 26, 2015

Text: Genesis 46

Title: A Family Reunited

Sermon Outline

I.   Jacob’s Sacrifice

A.  Jacob’s dream

B.  Jacob’s destination

II.  Jacob’s Sons

A.  Numbering persons

B.  Numbering problem

III. Jacob’s Settlement

A.  Joseph’s presence

B.  Joseph’s plan

Morning Worship, April 19, 2015

Text: Genesis 45

Title: Joseph’s Revelation

Sermon Outline

I.   The Hand of Providence

A.  Old concern

B.  New concept

II.  The Voice of Prophecy

A.  Joseph’s position

B.  Joseph’s Pharaoh

III. The Word of Peace

A.  From Joseph

B.  To Jacob

Morning Worship, April 12, 2015

Text: Genesis 44

Title: Judah’s Speech

Sermon Outline

I.   The Speech’s Time

A.  The plot

B.  The execution

II.  The Speech’s Tone

A.  Judah’s confession

B.  Judah’s description

III. The Speech’s Theme

A.  Jacob’s preference

B.  Judah’s preference

Morning Worship, March 29, 2015

Text: Genesis 43

Title: Benjamin in Egypt

Sermon Outline

I.   The Lord Gives Mercy

A.  Judah’s offer

B.  Jacob’s present

II.  The Lord Gives Treasure

A.  Invited to dine

B.  Inquiring about money

III. The Lord Gives Joy

A.  The joy of Joseph

B.  The joy of all

Morning Worship, March 22, 2015

Text: Genesis 42

Title: What’s He Doing?

Sermon Outline

I.   What’s Reuben Doing?

A.  To his brothers

B.  To his father

II.  What’s Jacob Doing?

A.  His sons’ deeds

B.  His son’s death

III. What’s Joseph Doing?

A.  Mean to their faces

B.  Money in their sacks

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