Evening Worship, February 7, 2016

Text: II Kings 5

Title: Cleansing River


Sermon Outline

I.   Salvation’s Message

A.  Israeli slave

B.  Israeli king

II.  Salvation’s Application

A.  The word of God

B.  The faith in God

III. Salvation’s Effect

A.  Offering

B.  Worship

Evening Worship, January 4, 2014

Text: Daniel 4

Title: The Beast of Babylon


Sermon Outline

I.   The King’s Dream

A.  Nebuchadnezzar’s dream

B.  Daniel’s interpretation

II.  The King’s Judgment

A.  Nebuchadnezzar’s pride

B.  Nebuchadnezzar’s punishment

III. The King’s Assessment

A.  Reason returned

B.  Reason revealed

Evening Worship, December 1, 2013

Text: Proverbs 6:6-11

Title: Beastly Insects


Sermon Outline

I.   Go to the ant

A.  Observe the insects

B.  Overseen by none

C.  Objective secured

II.  Get out of bed

A.  From low beds

B.  From little beginnings

C.  From lesser blessings

Evening Worship, November 24, 2013

Text: Psalm 115

Title: Worse than Beastly


Sermon Outline

I.   Our God

A.  Not our glory

B.  But our God

II.  Their gods

A.  The idol

B.  The image

III. Our Grace

A.  Faith

B.  Blessings

Evening Worship, November 10, 2013

Text: Psalm 32

Title: Be not Beastly


Sermon Outline

I.   Penitence

A.  Blessed

B.  Confessed

II.  Protection

A.  Prayer

B.  Preservation

III. Progress

A.  Be wise

B.  Be glad

Evening Worship, November 3, 2013

Text: Jonah 3:10-4:11

Title: Beasts of the Land, Sea, and Gourd


Sermon Outline

I.   Beast of the Sea

A.  God’s grace

B.  Man’s madness

II.  Beast of the Gourd

A.  God’s grace

B.  Man’s grumpiness

III. Beasts of the Land

A.  Man’s foolishness

B.  God’s grace

Evening Worship, October 27, 2013

Text: II Kings 9:30-37

Title: Food for the Beasts


Sermon Outline

I.   A Bloody History

A.  Jehu’s prophecy

B.  Jezebel’s paint

II.  A Bloody End

A.  Jehu’s friends

B.  Jezebel’s fall

III. A Bloody Field

A.  Jezebel’s corpse

B.  Jehu’s comment

Evening Worship, October 20, 2013

Text: II Kings 2:19-25

Title: Beastly Bears


Sermon Outline

I.   Health

A.  An odd dilemma

B.  An odd situation

II.  Death

A.  The attack on the bald

B.  The attack of the bears

Evening Worship, September 22, 2013

Text: I Kings 17:1-6

Title: Fowl Beasts are Fair


Sermon Outline

I.   For His Honor

A.  A new prophet

B.  A new problem

II.  For His Prophet

A.  Far away

B.  Foreign food

III. For His Glory

A.  Obedience

B.  Convenience

Evening Worship, September 15, 2013

Text: II Samuel 12:1-9

Title: The Beast Inside


Sermon Outline

I.   Detached Description

A.  Poor man

B.  Rich man

II.  Defiant Declaration

A.  David’s passion

B.  David’s pity

III. Devastating Discernment

A.  You are the man

B.  You are the beast

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