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Evening Worship, September 23, 2012

Text: Romans 10:5-13
Title: Salvation
Sermon Outline
I.   True Savior
A.  Eisegesis
B.  Exegesis
II.  Confessed Savior
A.  The promise
B.  The process
III. Global Savior
A.  Jew and Greek
B.  Eschatology and soteriology

Evening Worship, September 16, 2012

Text: Romans 10:1-4
Title: Heart’s Cry
Sermon Outline
I.   Our Burden
A.  Paul’s desire
B.  People’s desire
II.  Other’s Bumble
A.  What are they doing
B.  What should they do
III. One Break
A.  End of the law
B.  Everyone who believes

Morning Worship, December 25, 2011

Text: Galatians 4:1-7
Title: Christmas Explained
Sermon Outline
I.   The Plan of God
A.  Former promises
B.  Final Point
II.  The Production of God
A.  Made of a woman
B.  Made under law
III. The Purpose of God
A.  Redemption
B.  Adoption

Morning Worship, September 19, 2010

Text: Psalm 51
Title: Interlude – Confession
Sermon Outline
I.   Confess Your Sin in Worship
     A.  Penitential Psalms
     B.  Penitential prayers
II.  Confess Your Sin Together
     A.  Plural pronouns
     B.  Pervasive problems
III. Confess Your Sin Assuredly
     A.  Promised grace
     B.  Partaken grace 

Morning Worship, April 4, 2010

Text: I Corinthians 1:18-25
Title: The Disgrace of the Cross
Sermon Outline
I.   Power of God
     A.  Foolish message
     B.  Finished salvation
II.  Wisdom of God
     A.  Made foolish
     B.  Made unknown
III. Cross of God
     A.  Christ crucified
     B.  Christ exalted 

Morning Worship, December 27, 2009

Text:  Matthew 18:1-9
Title:  Achieving Greatness
Sermon Outline
I.   Humility
     A.  Young in mind
     B.  Young at heart
II.  Charity
     A.  Acceptance
     B.  Care
III. Sanctity
     A.  The reality of falling
     B.  The reaction to falling 

Morning Worship, December 20, 2009

Text: Matthew 2:1-10
Title: Born a King
Sermon Outline
I.   King of All
     A.  Every eye shall see
     B.  Every knee shall bow
II.  King of Kings
     A.  Absolute sovereignty
     B.  Absolute confidence
III. King of Us
     A.  His and our enemies
     B.  His and our loves 

Morning Worship, June 21, 2009

Text: Luke 15:11-32
Title: A Father’s Day Parable
Sermon Outline
I.  Freely Give
     A.  An outrageous demand
     B.  An outstanding division
II.  Faithfully Watch
     A.  Looking out
     B.  Moving on
III. Fully Forgive
     A.  Perception of repentance 
     B.  Preparation for forgiveness

Morning Worship, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday!
Text: Colossians 1:9-23
Title: The Consequences of the Resurrection
Sermon Outline
I.  Celebrate Jesus, the regisseur (15-17)
     A.  Jesus is God (15)
  B.  Jesus created all things (16)
  C.  Jesus rules all things (17)
II.  Celebrate Jesus, the redeemer (18-20)
  A.  Jesus is God (19)
  B.  Jesus reconciles all things (20)
  C.  Jesus rules the church (18)
III. Celebrate Jesus, the restorer (21-23)
  A.  Who you were (21)
  B.  Who you are (22)
  C.  Who you ought to be (23) 

Morning Worship, March 2, 2008

Text: Hebrews 1:1-4
Title: The Best Speaker
Note: This sermon was delivered by Dr. Allen Curry from Reformed Theological Seminary.  The audio recording has errors due to technical difficulties.
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