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Evening Worship, August 4, 2013

Text: Exodus 32

Title: A Beastly Image


Sermon Outline

I.   Why do we worship?

A.  Uncertainty

B.  Fragility

II.  How do we worship?

A.  Sense

B.  Sensationalism

III. What do we worship?

A.  Gross

B.  God

Evening Worship, July 28, 2013

Text: Exodus 8:1-19

Title: Beastly Plagues


Sermon Outline

I.   Plagues

A.  Frogs

B.  Lice

II.  Pharaoh

A.  Head man

B.  Hardening

III. Power

A.  Pharaoh’s question

B.  Pharaoh’s answer

Evening Worship, July 21, 2013

Text: Genesis 30:25-31:16

Title: Beast Eugenics


Sermon Outline

I.   Wage Negotiation

A.  Laban’s determination

B.  Jacob’s direction

II.  Wage Manipulation

A.  Jacob’s deception

B.  Laban’s son’s defiance

III. Wage Determination

A.  Jacob’s declaration

B.  Our decision

Evening Worship, July 14, 2013

Text: Genesis 6:1-8

Title: A Beast Extermination Project


Sermon Outline

I.   Sin’s Appearance

A.  A controversy solved

B.  A conflict resolved

II.  Sin’s Results

A.  Not-quite-human

B.  Quite intolerable

III. Sin’s judgment

A.  God’s judicial condemnation

B.  God’s judicial exception

Evening Worship, June 23, 2013

Text: Genesis 4:1-12

Title: Acting Like a Beast


Sermon Outline

I.   Cain’s Preference

A.  The naming problem

B.  The labor problem

II.  Cain’s Arrogance

A.  What’s wrong with Cain’s sacrifice?

B.  What’s wrong with Cain’s attitude?

III. Cain’s Violence

A.  The beast stalking

B.  The beast springing

Evening Worship, June 16, 2013

Text: Genesis 3:1-15

Title: The First Beast


Sermon Outline

I.   The Reality of the Serpent

A.  Physical

B.  Spiritual

II.  The Promise of the Serpent

A.  No death

B.  Not finite

III. The Curse of the Serpent

A.  Lowest of the animals

B.  Worst of the fates

Evening Worship, June 9, 2013

Text: Revelation 13

Title: Beastly


Sermon Outline

I.   A Triad of Evil

A.  The power of evil

B.  The people of evil

II.  A Trial of Earthlings

A.  The judgment of humanity

B.  The Juggernaut of humanity

III. A Time of Evolution

A.  God’s sovereignty

B.  Man’s subjugation

Evening Worship, December 16, 2012

Text: Isaiah 9:2-7
Title: Darkness and Light
Sermon Outline
I.   Celebration of Light
A.  Light
B.  Joy
II.  Causes Bringing Light
A.  Slaves freed
B.  Soldiers sent home
III. Christ who is Light
A.  His names
B.  His nation

Morning Worship, December 30, 2012

Text: Psalm 40
Title: A New Song
Sermon Outline
I.   An Alien Foe
A.  The advancing multitude
B.  The ashamed menace
II.  An Alien Righteousness
A.  The law required
B.  The law requited
III. An Alien Patience
A.  A new deliverance
B.  A new dispensation

Morning Worship, December 23, 2012

Text: Micah 5:1-6
Title: The Shepherd Warrior
Sermon Outline
I.   God’s Ruler
A.  Judah’s threat
B.  Judah’s frailty
II.  God’s Shepherd
A.  Israel’s return
B.  Israel’s rest
III. God’s Warrior
A.  Under-shepherds
B.  Under feet
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